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Name: Sarai. Miss Jackson if you're nasty.

1. Age: 18 in a couple weeks. Holla.
2. Locale: Connecticut
3. Status: <-- owned like property my friends
4. Top 10 Bands: Oh God here we go. In no particular order. This week it is:
The Gloria Record
Brand New
Nerf Herder
The Juliana Theory
Story of the Year
Minus the Bear
Taking Back Sunday
Lucky 7
5. What kind of dork do you consider yourself?: I am an emo/music geek. I love all things emo, as well as all things music. And, I've come to find that I cannot type lately.
6. What are your dorkish qualities?: I cry watching Degrassi. Enough said. But, let's see. I write hateful love songs about boys. When I think about him, I smile and then get angry at myself. I do web/graphic design in my spare time. And I like walking around department stores with boomboxes, blasting the Macarena.
7. Do you have any pets? (siblingsdo boyfriends count?): Yes.
If so, names: Molly, Pippy, Kato
8. Favourite video game: omg socom is teh pwnz
9: Favourite Tv show: Degrassi
10. What kind of laugh do you have?: I have a really loud insane giggle.
11. Do you cry watching movies?: Duh.
If so, what kind of movies?: It doesn't have to be a movie. It can be the fucking news...
12: Do you know who Landon Carter is?: omz yes
13. Do you play any instruments?: yes
If so, which ones?: guitar + keyboard primarily
14. Klutz. Yay, or nay?: yay
15. Do you do drugs?: hell no
If so, what kind?: drugs are bad, mmkay
16. Favorite quote: They say that nothing lasts forever. Will you be my nothing?
17. What is your favorite word in the english language?: HOLLA
And last, but not least...
18. HANSON. Yes or no?: OMZ YES.

Yeah these are teh suckage and me having fun with psp. More will come probably.

I love Disney channel. Kbye.

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I SAY YES YES YES. And I'm the only other one in the damn community. So, I RULE, and YOU ARE IN. Holla.