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im the new girl.

hellllo everyone! heres my thingi!

Name: Robin

Age: 17

Locale: New Hampshire

Status: ...alive? kind of single but kind of not... ish... agh i hate this question!!! i just want to be miss america. ok? *tears*

Top 10 Bands: ramones, sex pistols, the clash, mighty mighty bosstones, link 80, reel big fish, T.I.P, river city rebels, new york dolls

What kind of dork do you consider yourself?: dude. im not a dork. *scrolls up to the top of the page and realises what she is filling out* oh... um... world peace?

What are your dorkish qualities?: i have a little red fish named rosie. she is actually a transvestite. i already had a boy fish, and i wanted a girl fish, so i made him a her, because i gave her a girls name. i love rosie. she makes bubbles. she looks dead but she realli isn't because if you shake the fish bowl enough she starts flippin her fins an darts all over the place... i have a manic depressive transvestite fish... named rosie.

Do you have any pets? (siblings count): 13 year old little sister thing. she wants to be the next brittany spears. i have a fish named rosie... i think i alreadi explained that one. i have a pony named charlie. he likes to lick people.

If so, names: hmm. i guess this is why i am bad at taking tests... my sister is named dana. my fish is named rosie. my horse is named charlie. he likes to lick people. see? i wrote them again for u just in case!

Favourite video game: GTA vice city... because i like to drive the tank around. tony hawk underground because... yeah. and manhunt because watching the guy suffocate the other people always makes me giggle *laughs loudly and twitches*

Favourite Tv show: SNL... i dun realli watch that much tv. im much more of a movie kinda girl *winks*

What kind of laugh do you have?: i giggle. then it kind of turns into a laugh, and i squish my nose and open my mouth realli big, then if i laugh realli hard i stop making noise an just kinda liik like im having a seizure. no, i dont laugh in front of the mirror. my friend told me thats what i do.

Do you cry watching movies?: yes.

If so, what kind of movies?: ... finding nemo *blushes*

Do you know who Landon Carter is?: YES! um... no... um... world peace?

Do you play any instruments?: YES! (im not going to tell you which ones in this question because i actually read ahead and i know there is another question that asks!!!)

If so, which ones?: I CAN PLAY DRUMS! im not very good but i know how, and i like to hit things. i used to play the clarinet but i sucked.

Klutz. Yay, or nay?: um... YEAY! oh shit... YAY!

Do you do drugs?: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no.

If so, what kind?: no.

Favorite quote: "SHITAKKI!" ...i dunno. i saw some guy say it once on a cooking show on public television.

What is your favorite word in the english language?: ... SHITAKKI!

HANSON. Yes or no?: hanson... is hanson alive? yes. is hanson a type of vegetable? no. there are so many ways to interperet that question... oh no! did i mess up! i hope not... gotta check over my answers now with my number 2 pencil!

lol ok im done screwing around. those are my answers lol. have fun kids... oh... did u want pictures? here ya go...

lol there's me and my uber dorkiness for you! have fun!


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