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The Purple Llama From Denmark


I'll be the platform shoes and undo what heredity's done to you...

Name: Allison, but I like being called by my last, Spinelli. It makes me sound tough. ^^;;
1. Age: 15, too old to get into free movies but too young to drive to the movies.
2. Locale: Tiny tourist town in NY, about an hour above the city.
3. Status: 10th grade, honors. Single.
4. Top 10 Bands: Shai Hulud, Poison the Well, Most Precious Blood, Darkest Hour, Between the Buried and Me, Death Cab for Cutie (cry), The Postal Service, The Hippos and the Cure.
5. What kind of dork do you consider yourself?: Music and video game dork.
6. What are your dorkish qualities?: Although the only game consoles I own are N64 and Super Nintendo, I have a knack for video games. And I could kick your ass at Soul Caliber II any day. ^^;; When somebody says something that reminds me of a song, I'll spit out lyrics from some random song. And I play the bari saxophone in the school band.
Albaniansteel87: Dude, you turned me into a complete Soul Caliber dork
7. Do you have any pets? (siblings count): Three younger siblings; two biological, one adopted from Russia. Two dogs; one dalmatian, one golden lab.
If so, names: Robbyn, Kieran, Dmitry, Dice, Lily.
8. Favourite video game: Any Zelda game, but I love the original on Super Nintendo and Link to the Past on Gameboy.
9: Favourite TV show: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
10. What kind of laugh do you have?: Well, I don't snort. A kind of small, cute, one.
11. Do you cry watching movies?: Yes, all the time when it's Disney.
If so, what kind of movies?: Disney movies and Life As A House always make me tear.
12: Do you know who Landon Carter is?: No, must say I don't.
13. Do you play any instruments?: Si.
If so, which ones?: Bari saxophone and bass guitar. And not your Blink-182 bass lines, I CAN actually play.
14. Klutz. Yay, or nay?: Yay. I've managed to trip up the stairs everytime today in my new slippers. And spill cough medicine all over the place. @_@
15. Do you do drugs?: Only to spite my best friend, Gerry. So when I'm ultra angry.
If so, what kind?: The ganja.
16. Favorite quote: "Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something." -- Princess Bride
17. What is your favorite word in the English language?: Abhor. There's another one but I can't quite remember it now. >And last, but not least... </i>
18. HANSON. Yes or no?: I absolutely love the song "Yearbook" makes me cry for some odd reason. I think the Spice Girls are better though.


(My bangs are no longer gelled, so I'll put the newer pics last, but those aren't great face shots because I wasn't anticipating on posting them anywhere. I'll have more, clearer, ones at a later date.)

(Aw, I almost look innocent)

(ATTACK OF THE FEET!...or foot.)

(To show off the piercing)

(And closer up, obviously)

(I sometimes dress up all 80s and dance around to Madness, that's my favorite ultra 80s outfit of mine)

(Awkward body shot)

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