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dorks rule!

Name: Karoline
1. Age:
2. Locale:
3. Status:
Single girl
4. Top 10 Bands:
Yup here we gO… Not in a specific order.


Linkin Park


Turboneger (it's a Norwegian group. Prob never heard of it)




Limp Bizkit

Green Day

5. What kind of dork do you consider yourself?:
A computer dork or a childish dork.
6. What are your dorkish qualities?:
I’m very good to do dorky stuff. And I get laughed at every day. I sit on the computer a lot; in fact, I don’t think I do anything else.
7. Do you have any pets? (siblings count):
Yes I have two. My brother and my cat. Both are much more darkish than me. My cat can stay calm for a minute. She runs around and climbs everywhere.
If so, names:
My brother’s name is Henrik and my cat’s name is Basse.
8. Favourite video game:
If you mean on the computer then I love Counter Strike. Yes I’m a girl but who cares?
9: Favourite Tv show:
Haha I love Fab 5. Sexy gay men =P
10. What kind of laugh do you have?:
God... It’s freaky. Like “Bwahahaha” or something.
11. Do you cry watching movies?:
Sometimes. Especially on cartoon movies. That’s weird, isn’t it?
If so, what kind of movies?:
Look above =)
12: Do you know who Landon Carter is?:
I have no fucking idea.
13. Do you play any instruments?:
Yes I do.

If so, which ones?: El-guitar and flute.
14. Klutz. Yay, or nay?: I don’t what Klutz is =P

15. Do you do drugs?:
Nope! Never will either.
If so, what kind?:
16. Favorite quote:
Don’t take life too serious, you’ll never get out of it alive.
17. What is your favorite word in the english language?:
Dorkish. But that’s not a word I guess… Then it’ll be fuck.

And last, but not least...
18. HANSON. Yes or no?:
No way. Sorry guys. But no way.


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