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why hellooo deeeaarieee

Name: Anouk
1. Age: 15, though im not THAT immature
2. Locale: Towson, Maryland
3. Status: Shingle and proud
4. Top 10 Bands: The Flaming Lips, Les Nubians, Modest Mouse, Spoon, Belle & Sebastian, Mirah, Saves the Day, Sublime, Beck, No Doubt
5. What kind of dork do you consider yourself?: Computer dork
6. What are your dorkish qualities?: I've been webdesigning since 5th grade, and I'm in 10th now, if that's saying anything. I trip on things a lot, and stumble on my words quite frequently. I care about school, though I always don't make the best grades. Also, I'm a loner. Yup, hardley any friends, if any at all. I guess thats the sad part, but I embrace being a dork.
7. Do you have any pets? (siblings count): Yes, I have my very little VEENERSHNITZELL!! Aka: my dauchsaund (sp?) who is 7 years of age. He is a little bundle of fat and I <3 him.
If so, names: Klauss
8. Favourite video game: FFX - yes, I'm not a big gamer, at least compared to some. I really suck at FFX too lol
9: Favourite Tv show: Frasier. I really don't have a favorite, but that is the one I've been watching most recently.
10. What kind of laugh do you have?: Pretty normal, but occassionally I'm a little loud.. haha
11. Do you cry watching movies?: YES. I'm ashamed, I have no self control.
If so, what kind of movies?: Any kind that touches me emotionally, or movies that deal with death. (when I care for the character dying)
12: Do you know who Landon Carter is?: Yes, one of the hanson brothers. Not sure which one though.
13. Do you play any instruments?: Nope
If so, which ones?: none because im too lazy
14. Klutz. Yay, or nay?: YAY! I'm quite the klutz, have been all my life.
15. Do you do drugs?: i havent yet in 2004 (my goal), but yes i used to smoke weed a lot
If so, what kind?: Marijuana and Shrooms
16. Favorite quote: "And they held each other, believing in each others light, each others dream." ~Hubert Selby Jr. (Requiem for a Dream)
17. What is your favorite word in the english language?: blasphemy
And last, but not least...
18. HANSON. Yes or no?: MMMMMMMMBOOOOOPPPPPP no. never ever ever.

okay i may have overdone it but what can i say? im bored and have no life

biiig smile

heres the ever classic psycho bitch pose (or.. is there such one that is really classic??)

really fake surprise

yay for dorks!

funky tounge thing i just learned i could do

well.. there it is! I hope you consider accepting me seeing as i have no online friends anymore and im um hopefully worthy of you all. yeeah hehe
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