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1. Age: 20
2. Locale: tacoma, washington, USA, sol 3
3. Status: single?
4. Top 10 Bands: in a somewhat particular order:
queens of the stone age
led zeppelin
tenacious d
uhh, close enough
5. What kind of dork do you consider yourself?: music dork, physics dork, dorky dork
6. What are your dorkish qualities?: I'm a huge music nerd, and I'm big into theoretical physics of all sorts. also astronomy. I know far too much about nuclear weapons and the various tests we've conducted. I used to be real into video games and anime, not so much anymore though. I play d&d and thoroughly enjoy it. and I think nerdy girls are the greatest thing ever.
7. Do you have any pets? (siblings count): one cat. my mom has a cat too. but I have nothing to do with that little furball.
If so, names: rudy
8. Favourite video game: I've been playing more chrono trigger than is healthy lately
9: Favourite Tv show: mr. show with bob and david, sports night
10. What kind of laugh do you have?: loud guffaw. or something.
11. Do you cry watching movies?: somewhat
If so, what kind of movies?: romantic comedies :(
12: Do you know who Landon Carter is?: no, but I can pretend
13. Do you play any instruments?: yes
If so, which ones?: tenor sax
14. Klutz. Yay, or nay?: nah
15. Do you do drugs?: occasionally
If so, what kind?: pot, various prescription meds: oxycodone, klonopin
16. Favorite quote: O'DOYLE RULES
17. What is your favorite word in the english language?: obsidian
And last, but not least...
18. HANSON. Yes or no?: I'm going to say yes for the (short haired) weird al cameo in one of their videos.


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